Caroline Lucas MEP for this part of the world speaks up on behalf of Palestinians who are suffering and dying because of a withdrawal of European aid following the election of the Hamas Pary to government in free and fair elections:

“Palestinian civilians are dying daily due to a lack of medicines – and doctors to administer them. The EU must urgently resume full assistance payments – with no strings attached – or face the fact that its decisions leave us with Palestinian blood on all of our hands.”
“We have been demanding Palestinian democracy as a pre-condition for peace for years. Now the Palestinian people have delivered, and voted for a Hamas government in a free and fair election, it is completely unacceptable for the EU to precipitate a humanitarian crisis in the occupied territories simply because it doesn’t like the result.
“The EU’s refusal to acknowledge and accept the results of a democratic election is a completely unacceptable act of collective punishment against the Palestinian people.”


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