Ugandan priest visits All Saints with desperate plea

The Reverend John Ochola of the Diocese of Northern Uganda visited All Saints today taking part in the Parish Communion service. Vicar of the Cathedral of St Philip at Gulu, the diocesan centre, John spoke to the congregation about the dire situtation facing the people of the region because of the rebel war there. Since 1986 there has been ongoing armed rebellion against the Government mainly by the group known as the Lord’s Resistance Army led by Joseph Kony. OVer one million people have been internally displaced and are living in camps wholly dependent for food on the World Food Programme; and with very little medical and educational resources. John said that in his region some 1000 children are dying daily from preventable diseases. To read more about the situation see the paper written by John Ochola appealing for greater help from the wider world and outlining what the churches and other faith-based organisations are doing in the region; and also a paper outlining the need to upgrade the health centre in Gulu.
General paper
Health Centre paper


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