The God Delusion

All Saints day today!
The God Delusion is the title of the latest book by Richard Dawkins – the self-appointed high priest of atheists in this country. Click on the title link above to read a superb critical review of the book by an unlikely sympathiser of religious faith, the social theorist Terry Eagleton. It demolishes Dawkins by showing how biased and simplified his understanding of religion is; and also describes brilliantly the true character and message of Christianity which Dawkins hasn’t even got near to understanding. Unfortunately, as Eagleton points out, the case against Dawkins’ views – which are actually simply extreme versions of views widespread among educated people throughout contemporary Western society – is not helped by many Christians and churches who also fail to reflect authentic Christian faith in God. Eagleton may or may not be a person of faith himself but he understands what Christianity is about, he knows there is a world of difference between the spirit of true Christianity and fundamentalist perversions of it, and he respects, even admires, those who hold faith rather than despises them as Dawkins does.


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