Forgive us as we forgive our neighbours

David Hodgson Rector of All Saints writes: The popular Australian soap Neighbours is currently exploring in depth issues around forgiveness and revenge and what makes for a good life. The accidental killing of Cameron by neighbour Max has thrown the bereaved father Paul into inner turmoil as he wrestles with his anger and desire for revenge and the need to change his life and be guided by new values which Cameron urged on him when he was dying in hospital. Paul is seeing a psychotherapist; and Camilla, a novice sister (nun) and friend of Elle, Paul’s distraught daughter and sister of Cameron, is trying to help Paul and Elle to choose forgiveness rather than revenge. Camilla’s approach is explicitly based on faith in God whilst the psychotherapist also displays a moral vision in her encouragement to Paul to face the truth about himself. There is plenty of material in any episode of Neighbours at present for prolonged reflection on spiritual and moral issues.


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