Illusion illustrates gospel truth

David Hodgson writes: This Sunday morning’s all-age service witnessed the first illusion known to have been carried out in All Saints Church. To enact the gospel story of the lowering of the paralysed man through the roof to Jesus a member of the youth group appeared to be lowered into the church from the chancel arch. In fact a susbstitution of a real person – who turned out to be Emma Knowles – was made at the last moment to make it look as if she had been in the stretcher all along. At least one well known PCC member was completely taken in but to save her reputation as a wise person I will not reveal her name!
The theme of the All Age service was “Faith sustains us through suffering”. I went on to tell the story of an 8 year old Indian boy forced to work in a brickyard as a virtual slave to pay the huge debts his family incurred at the hands of a loan shark in order to pay for the boy’s father’s funeral.He was rescued when a faith-based organisation reported the situation to government oficials. The story provided a modern-day example of faith in action to bring relief in suffering to a helpless friend. On the anniversary of the abolition of slavery it is also a reminder of the need for continued efferts to eradicate forms of slavery today such as the work being done by the Church Mission Society


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