Annual Parochial Church Meeting news

All Saints Annual Parochial Church Meeting including the Parish Vestry meeting was held after Parish Communion last Sunday morning. Annual reports of the various church activities were presented; and the annual acounts were received. There was a report on the results of the complete revision of the church electoral roll.

Mrs Jo Robinson was appointed as new churchwarden; Mrs Sue James and Mike Moulds were elected unopposed to serve a further year as churchwardens. (All Saints is unusual in having three churchwardens by historical precedent).

This year’s APCM implemented the decision of last years to reduce the size of the PCC from 28 members to 25. Nonetheless there were four vacancies available. Four nominees were elected unopposed: Steve Smith and John Boylan to serve a further term, Barbara Smith becoming an elected member having been ex officio as churchwarden, and a member new to All Saints PCC, Chris Westgate.

All previous sidespeiople and welcomers were elected to continue and a new sidesperson was added, Mrs Emma Wake.

The Rector had previously circulated a written report on activities in 2006. During the meeting he thanked those who were stepping down from church offices. These included Barbara Smith having served a three-year term as churchwarden, Joyce Baldry who has served six years on PCC and Margaret Raggett who stepped down from the PCC.

He also paid tribute to the memory of Jim Wise , PCC member who passed away during the year.

Steve Smith reported that expenditure on the PCC General Fund was slightly higher in 2006 than income which is not a sustainable trend. Pledged giving for 2007 together with normal projections of other income should meet planned expenditure in the coming year. However it was pointed out that last year’s shortfall was affected by a failure of all pledged income to materialise in full.

Joyce Baldry, Electoral Roll Officer, reported that the new electoral roll stood at 320. This was a reduction from the old roll of about 23 names. The new roll contained 64 names not previously on the old roll.


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