Do I boycott Israeli goods? Is the Pope Catholic?

I believe Israel has a right to exist and its people to be secure within internationally acceptable borders But it is illegally occupying Palestinian territories and illegally infringing severely the international human rights of the majority of Palestinian people and has been for the last 40 years.  This is unacceptable. The people of Gaza and the West bank are human beings with as much right to live and flourish on earth as the citizens of Israel. As the occupying power Israel bears a major part of the responsibility for finding a just solution to this conflict. Both sides will have to make compromises over their current demands,  but there can be no compromise about the need for an end to injustice. Just as the South African state would not move on the issue of apartheid without concerted international economic and cultural pressure so I believe Israel will not either. So I support the boycott of Israeli goods and the academic boycott. This article on the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign website expresses a valid view I believe though in stronger language than I would use – but then I have the security of citizenship in a strong powerful and secure state.


2 thoughts on “Do I boycott Israeli goods? Is the Pope Catholic?

  1. Epiphanist

    Do you think the principle of restitution has been properly addressed? Jewish people owned enough property in Europe to be prosperous before the second world war. Someone else now has the benefit of most of that property, except whatever was used to pay for that criminal war and small amounts released to some survivors. It seems to me there has been another serious injustice perpetrated, Jewish people didn’t need another homeland until their property was taken from them. Perhaps Europe could buy the Palestinians a homeland?

  2. dphodgson Post author

    I guess that it has not, but I am not sure about the technicalities of this point. I do know however that there were moves, supported by some Jews but not all, for a separate state quite a long time before the Nazi atrocities. There is much injustice which has been perpetratedon many sides I guess but of course this does not justify further injustices.


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