Palm Treo 750 smartphone and other things

I’ve not been blogging much recently and one of the reasons for that is changing my phone. My free time with gadgets has been taken up as I’ve been struggling to get my new Palm Treo 750 smartphone configured to the same level and ease of functionality as my old Palm Treo 600. The 750 uses a Windows Mobile operating system instead of a Palm OS. The third-party software I had installed for the 600  – like the brilliant Snappermail email client – wasn’t compatible with Windows mobile. I still haven’t found an email client for the 750 which is as easy to use and customisable as Snappermail. I don’t know why there is no version compatible with Windows Mobile. Maybe I just haven’t sussed out how to use MS Outlook to best advantage. But for me, whether its Outlook or whether it’s the Media Player I don’t find Windows products particularly easy to use. For music playing I liked Realplayer on my Palm 600 because the buttons are big enough to see without wearing reading glasses and to touch with a finger. Who needs iPhone by the way?

 But enough geek-speak. Why did I bother changing at all I hear you asking (maybe you’re asking that if you bothered to read this far!).

The Palm Treo 750 is compatible with high-speed internet connections of the 3G variety. It also has more available internal memory than the 600. So it means that I can connect and download remote files much more quickly with the 750 than with the 600. The reason for this is to avoid the problem that has come about since we started storing and filing documents electronically instead of in paper cabinets.  Because I am often working in meeting rooms and houses in my work as a priest away from my desk – needing to access documents and messages filed on my desktop PC or on a remote server such as Googlemail – and to avoid the tedium of remembering to print out relevant documents before every meeting -a fast internet connection on my phone means I can access the information. For example, the Church of England website gives me the day’s readings for Morning and EveningPrayer  – or any other of the liturgical texts for every kind of occasion – without the need to carry a prayer-book etc. Hence my pain in order to gain!


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