Happy new year

A happy new year to any readers! Especially any who have come through the new “Anglican Bloggers” group on Facebook.

I love these early days of January. It’s not only because the days are getting longer and lighter; and not only because Christmas is behind us for another year. Don’t get me wrong  – I enjoy Christmas when it comes  – but the whole build-up through December seeems to take over normal life. But mainly I love early January because it’s full of possibilities of a new way of doing things. Last year I might have failed to crack old habits like not keeping an eye on my bank statement, eating too much, not exercising enough, failing to to do something about my carbon footprint, forgetting to write letters, not cancelling subscriptions for papers or websites I never read, not sorting out my filing cabinets – not filing basically – not backing up my PC etc etc BUT this year everything could be different. We’re still only a few days into it so even though I haven’t started to tackle any of those things yet I still might! I am luxuriating in the possibilities these days hold!


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