Free Hicham Yezza

I read with growing horror about the fate of Hicham Yezza; a member of staff at Nottingham University (in which I’m a Master of Theolgy). Hich was arrested last week, together with a student doing a Masters on political Islam, for downloading the Al Quaeda training manual which is publicly available for academics on a US government website. Both men were held six days without charge before being released. BUT Hich was re-arrested days later in connection with his immigration status and he is now being held in a detention centre and due to be sent back to Algeria on 1st June. Hich has been in the UK for 13 years. He is a well-respected member of the local community and employee of the University. Some reports suggest that university authorities were less than unequivocal in their support of Mr Yezza and the student arrested with him. A public reading of the research material and demonstration is planned by academics and students for tomorrow to protest at the assault on academic freedom and call for the immediate release of this innocent man.
What kind of coutry are we now living in where innocent people can be arbitrarily arrested and treated as guilty until proven innocent? ‘It is only necessary that good men do nothing for evil to triumph’ R W Emerson.
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