A full Sunday

I went with Lorraine to the licensing of Julian Bidgood, new minister-in-charge at Barkham parish church. Bishop Stephen preached an engaging sermon as ever and did the official licensing part. John Redwood MP was there too. Julian is married to Angela and they have three young children.He has come to Barkham from a first post at St Ebbe’s Church in Oxford. The service was well structured and conducted.Afterwards I was involved in a photo call and then there were refreshments in the village hall next door.
We went from there to the All Saints family picnic, with a brief stopover at home to change and prepare the food. (Lorraine did that bit). Miraculously there was not the prolonged rain the Met Office had threatened; it was sunny if a little breezy. So the picnic went ahead as planned on Palmer school playing field. There were outdoor bowls Parachute games, mega Connect 4 and rounders. I actually hit the ball and ran to the third post.
After that we came home for a rest – We read in the garden. I managed to penetrate further into A Secular Age – the latest and I think greatest work of Charles Taylor, Canadian philosopher and cultural historian who last year was the winner of the prestigious Templeton Prize.
On a whim I phoned Henley cinema to discover if there were any tickets remaining for the special early showing of Edge of Love, the new John Maybury film about an episode in the life of Dylan Thomas, starring Keira Knightly and Sienna Miller. there were spare seats so we rushed, the four of us to Henley instantly. The film was shown at 6pm prompt with no ads and followed by a live link-up to an interview and Q & A session with the director at a London cinema.
The film is an intense study of the human heart and as John Maybury put it its about the lives of four young people in a time of war. It is an anti-war film.


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