24 hour drinking was never a good idea

All-day drinking laws have not had the effect of slowing down drinking which Government advocates of the law said they would according to a new report. Instead most areas report a worsening in alcohol-related incidents and an increased cost to the tax-payer. See this report from MSN News

The culture of drinking amongst British young people is deeply embeddded and has been for many years. It has got worse over the last quarter-century as drink has become relatively cheaper and more easily available. Giving people even more opportunity to get off their heads on a daily basis was never going to change that culture and now we have the evidence to show that it isn’t working.

Instead town and city centres across the country have become no-go areas for most people several evenings a week as they are filled with groups of drunken youngsters tottering and staggering around, screaming, cursing and vomiting; or lying comatose across the pavement.


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