New phone

It so happens I became eligible for an upgrade on my O2 account at just the same time that Palm made their new Treo Pro available, so now I’m blogging from it. Migrating from one phone to another,even one by the same maker is never quick or easy! But I reckon the Pro has been worth the effort – just!
It’s a more hip design than previous high-cnd Palms – slim black casing with screen flush to casing – so no annoying bits of dust getting into the screen corners. Ihere’s Wifi and GPS built in, thougb I haven’t got the GPS to work yet. It comes with Windows Mobile 6.1 and Google Map pre-loaded. WM 6.1 performs much better on this than WM5 did on my Treo 750w, but that migbt also be because tbe Pro has more memory. The only downsides are the screen is sligbtly smaller than the 750 and a new kind ot flatter keyboard makes it a little more likely middle-aged fingers will mistype.But the touuhscreen gives the option of writing with a stylus,as did the 750, however the Pro is even more responsive on screen.


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