Christmas UK postage stamps 2008

This afternoon I was in my local Post Office to purchase a book of twelve first-class postage stamps; wearing my clerical collar. The counter assistant said she assumed I didn’t want the Christmas stamps because they’re not really about Christmas – since they depict pantomime. She apologised to me for this. However, later today, on opening my emails I got this via friends who had received it from the communications director of the Church of England Diocese of Guildford:
“Christmas stamps for 2008
This tickled us and may be of use to you. It was sent to Mark Rudall by Norwich Archdeacon and Comms Specialist, Jan McFarlane:
“You may already be aware of this, in which case do press delete now. But I thought it was worth mentioning that the Post Office is producing two sets of Christmas stamps this year. One set has a pantomime theme, the other the Madonna and Child. You have to ask specifically for the Madonna and Child stamps. Is it worth reminding our congregations to ask for them?
Call me an old cynic, but I imagine a day in the not too distant future where the Post Office say they don’t produce Christmas stamps with a religious theme any more because no-one ever asked for them…
You do have to persevere though. I asked at our PO for “the religious Christmas stamps”. The girl dived under the counter and eventually emerged saying, “We’ve got some with a lady and a baby on. Will they do?”
Revd Mark Rudall Director for Communications Diocese of Guildford


One thought on “Christmas UK postage stamps 2008

  1. alison

    I was not given a choice of Christmas stamps BUT given the Madonna & Child stamps.
    I expect it is up to every indivdual Postoffice to place an order for each style of stamp & how many.
    I wonder how they decide……?


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