Israel does not want to negotiate

The real reason for Israel’s massive attacks on Gaza has little to do with rocket attacks on its borderlands, but is in order to make sure that it does not have to negotiate with Hamas for a peace with justice for the Palestinians. Why now? Because soon a new President will be in place in the USA who has indicated a willingness to ensure Israel sits down and talks. Israel wants peace – who doesn’t – but it wants it on its own terms only; with no genuninelt independent Palestinaina state and requirement to give up any of the land it has seized or accept the return of any refugees forced out of their homes over the years of Israel’s expansion.
Hamas was willing to continue to maintain the ceasefire but only if Israel removed its blockade on Gaza; which it refused to do. Why do the Western leaders – with some exceptions – uphold Israel’s right to defend itself and yet deny the very same right to Palestinians?
Calls from Western leaders for the violence to end on both sides miss the point – when the structural violence of the Israeli blockade, denying Gaza inhabitants of their freedom and their future, is the normal state of affairs. See an analysis of this here


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