Are believers just stupid?

A survey by Pew Research of more than 3400 Americans shows that atheists know more about religion than believers. They scored better in questions on world religions like Buddhism and Islam. High numbers of believers were unable to answer correctly questions on their own religions. The New Statesman reports David Silverman, president of American Atheists as arguing that atheism is often a product of education. Presumably he’s not falling into the logical error of thinking that because there are more atheists among the higher educated then the more educated you are the less likely you are to be a believer? After all it might also be accurately claimed, in Western Europe at least, that religious belief too is often a product of education.


2 thoughts on “Are believers just stupid?

  1. preachersa2z

    Religious belief may indeed be a product of education, either inside or outside of the churches. To what extent, though, are we educating believers? People who have made a reasoned decision to be Christians nonetheless feel biblically inept, especially when it comes to answering the church’s critics.

    See “who’s afraid of Dan Brown” :

  2. David Hodgson

    As somebody who lives in the states I think that you’re missing the point whether deliberately or not I’m not sure. I think what the survey proves is that if you have religious belief your knowledge will be off that one religion. If you are a atheist you have probably looked at more than one religion and therefore score higher in tests of knowledge of other religions. Unfortunately most people who have religious beliefs tend not to be that interested in other religions. Whereas the nonbeliever may in fact be more educated than the monotheist.

    Best regards David


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