Transforming conflict

Yesterday I spent the day at one of the most productive and important diocesan meetings I’ve been to for a while. We were the diocesan mediators’ team, of which I’m a member, the Parish Development Advisers for the two Archdeaconries of Oxford and Buckingham (Berkshire is vacant currently), the Diocesan Human Resource Adviser and the Archdeacon of Buckingham. We were meeting to discuss how the principles of handling and transforming conflict might be embedded into the processes and working relationships within the diocese. This involves finding ways to equip clergy and other leaders and office holders in the diocese to be more aware of the structural and process issues which need addressing in order to ensure that needless difficulties do not arise in working relationships. We worked on a plan to offer training on conflict transformation to key leaders in the diocese; and also, agreed an outline draft diocesan policy for referral to the mediators.


One thought on “Transforming conflict

  1. preacherwoman

    I hope it is adopted in your diocese and in others. So much time and effort that could be used in mission and ministry is taken up with conflict between different orders of ministry and between clergy and laity.


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