Why iPad?

I heard recently of a family friend who has decided to sell his iPad after one year of ownership. He reckons he doesn’t use it enough; and that amount of expensive kit is not worth hanging on to if it’s not really useful. To be fair, he does also own a Mac book. So, perhaps his original purchase of the iPad was superfluous in the first place.

Anyhow, it started me thinking about how I use my iPad. Did I purchase it simply for its novelty value; or do I find it genuinely helpful and adding value in my work?

The first thing I have to say is that it is extremely convenient. It is switched on instantly; there are no long waits for the machine to boot up. This is especially helpful to me in my work because I attend meetings in several different places and therefore I can have my documents ready for use as soon as I arrive. It is also lighter than my laptop and so easier to take from one place to another. The battery life has proven to be much longer than my laptop’s.There is no need to ask for access to an electric socket when visiting other people’s homes or venues and no carrying around long extension cables!

The iPad discovers wireless networks very easily; there is no fiddling around with settings. This means it’s very easy to log into a wireless network when visiting another venue. Again, this is very helpful because we save documents for the work of the church in “the cloud” and it means that I can easily access them in different places.

Checking e-mail, news feeds, Facebook, and Twitter are all so much quicker and easier than booting up a laptop whilst on the go.

In terms of creating content, apps for blogging and notetaking are especially useful. One of the most amazing free apps is Dragon dictation with which I created this blog post .It’s also quick to update my WordPress blog using a special app available for iPad.

In all, I think iPad works brilliantly for my work because I am not creating complicated documents on the go, but I do need to access my stuff in a range of different locations.


2 thoughts on “Why iPad?

  1. richard

    Spot on. Of course with ipad2 you would also have portable skype with pictures. With the right phone such as a htc desire which has a portable hotspot no need for any 3g

  2. RTPeat

    Definitely agree with you there – much easier taking the iPad to meetings than lumping a MacBook around – possibly the only MacBook that might come close is the 11 inch MacBook Air, which is pretty nippy to boot up. The iPad is still more convenient.

    Incidentally, swapping a 3G iPad for a wi-fi one using a phone as a hotspot actually loses you a bit of functionality, specifically the GPS and navigation functions as all of that is tied up with the 3G chipset. I have OS maps of the whole of the UK on mine, and certainly a colleague has used his to navigate when he got lost on the way to an appointment. The big screen is much better for scrolling around maps than a small phone screen.


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