The building of China

In the Chinese cities of Jiangsu province you can hardly look in any direction without seeing construction cranes; or go more than a block without passing a building site. It seems the region is in the grip of a building fever. These are not small projects but massive estates of multiple high rise apartment buildings and office towers, as well as new highways and bridges. No wonder industrial sized barges filled with sand and gravel are passing by the minute up and down the province’s aterial waterway, the 1800 km long Chinese Grand Canal.

Jiangsu Province with its provincial capital Nanjing on the Yangtse river is one of China’s wealthiest provinces and also the most populous; about 80 million people occupy only 1% of the total land area of China. Clearly it’s one of the places to be in modern China.

New highway bridge being built over the Grand Canal.

Sunset over typical urban horizon near Nanjing; skyline full of construction cranes.


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