Oxford Diocese Clergy Conference Day 2

The challenge to success for any conference I think is getting the balance right between its various constituent elements. This conference is unbalanced for me – not in a bad way – yet nonetheless not what I would have wanted from a gathering of most of the diocesan clergy. Every day we are having a full scale quite formal Eucharist of the sort you’d get on a Sunday morning or a major feast. It turns out the conference spans the major feast of the Annunciation so one such service would be expected. In fact we will have attended four full Eucharist services by the end of the conference. This is in addition to liturgical morning and evening prayer.
For me a necessary element of the value of the full Eucharist service arises as a product of the time that has passed and the life I have lived since the previous one. Having a full service every 24 hours leaves me thinking that I am feeling spiritually over fed.
So how would I like it to have been?
A single main Eucharist today the Feast of the Annunciation and one to close on Thursday would have been sufficient for me with Morning and Evening Prayer on the other days.


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