“Why do you not know how to interpret the present time?” (Jesus of Nazareth)

2012-11-22 11.44.56

Here is an extract from a sermon I preached In August 2013

“We live in a society which is vigilant against the threat of terrorism and rightly our authorities are constantly at work to prevent acts of violence being perpetrated by extremists against innocent civilians. But are we really reading the signs of the times correctly I wonder? What about the threats to a viable future from apathy, complacency, greed, selfish individualism, and from parasitic private interest?

Do we care enough about the daily violation of millions of children which growing up in poverty represents – or about the violation of aspiration and hope for young people represented by the lack of decent employment, affordable homes, and
opportunities for development? Do we shrug and think there is no alternative?

How is it that we live in a society which will go almost to any lengths and deploy whatever public resources are available to combat the threat of terrorist violence?  And who would argue against vigilance in that regard – and yet, what a difference would it be if we mobilised public resources with the same degree of determination and willingness to combat the growth of inequality, lack of opportunity and exclusion in our society today”

Read the whole sermon here


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