A day at Christ Church Cathedral Oxford

2017-05-04 10.32.22

In place of my usual day off -duty from church work on Thursdays, I went to the Annual Meeting of the College of Canons of  Christ Church Cathedral Oxford, of which I’ve been an honorary canon  since 2009. It was a good-natured and interesting meeting; the business of discussing and receiving the Cathedral’s Annual Report and Accounts in the morning; then lunch in the Dean’s house; followed by a talk/seminar led by Professor Grace Davie on “Befriending the ‘Fringe’? Mission and ministry for the edges.”

Amongst the College of Canons there are members involved in interesting projects and organisations. Here are links to two.

Professor Paul S. Fiddes , Professor of Systematic Theology in the University of Oxford, is Director of the research project “Love in religion”.  The initial project aims to identify the ‘frontier’ areas and issues on the place of love in religion, bearing in mind the big question, ‘what grounds are there for thinking that love, in religious consciousness and practice today, is the ultimate reality of the universe?’

Richard Fisher is the Chief Executive of the Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF). Possibly its most famous product in church circles is the “Messy Church” resource. It is also one of five charities that have come together to co-ordinate a faith response to the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness.  BRF will be doing this through its programme The Gift of Years, which is resourcing the spiritual journey of older people.


2017-05-04 13.05.02

Above: Assorted canons of Christ Church Cathedral inspect the newly-acquired cathedral font.




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