Creation Time Day 9 – Dave Bookless


The Reverend Dave Bookless (Source:

The Reverend Dave Bookless is an ordained minister of the Church of England and educationalist. Since 1997 he has been a leading figure in the Christian nature conservation charity A Rocha, which has developed into a global network of national organisations, A Rocha International. Having been co-founder with Anne Bookless, his wife, of A Rocha UK and its National Director, he now works as Advisor for Theology and Churches for A Rocha International.

Bookless has authored two books on theology and ecology, contributed to others, and written countless educational resources. He has delivered lectures and presentations at many conferences and seminars across the world in his mission to encourage churches and Christian communities, particularly Protestant evangelical communities, to understand the centrality of care for the environment in the biblical foundations of Christian faith, and to act accordingly.

Since its original foundation as a UK charity with a Portuguese base by the Harris and Batty families, A Rocha has grown to embrace 19 national organisations and its global conservation activities involve thousands of people of all ages and many faiths.

“We believe quite clearly that value comes from God, that species have value, that ecosystems have value, simply because God values them.” Dave Bookless

(Source: – accessed 9th September 2017)

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