Don’t bomb Syria

My letter this morning to the Prime Minister:

Dear Prime Minister
I urge you not to rush into bombing Syria. More killing and destruction must only be a last resort. There is no immediate threat to our nation from Assad. An attack on another sovereign nation not attacking us can only be justified morally or legally with a proper UN mandate.  Otherwise we are opening the Pandora’s box of international chaos and possible world war. We are not learning the lessons of the disastrous failures of military action in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. All justified on grounds of moral necessity and all failed to achieve the long-term stated goals.

Please for the sake of long-term prospects do not rush into military action. Spend our money on diplomatic and other solutions. Build bridges back with Russia. Understand the needs of all players. Let the UK take the lead with diplomatic and humanitarian responses.
Yours sincerely
The Revd Canon David Hodgson
Rector of Wokingham

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