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Can Planting a Trillion Trees Stop Climate Change? Scientists Say it’s a Lot More Complicated | InsideClimate News


As much as I love trees and forests and the idea of planting trees to control global warming, I can see in this article that massive tree-planting is not the simple solution. You can’t plant trees whilst continuing to burn oil and gas. Climate change can only be slowed by reducing carbon emissions.

UK government still not taking serious action on climate change

The piece by Mark Lynas, climate change writer and activist, in this week’s New Statesman highlights where Chancellor Alistair Darling’s Budget speech fails to promise the actions that are needed; despite his avowal that climate change is the greatest challenge facing us all.

Government still needs pushing to put in place the measures which are needed if it is to achieve the carbon cuts it has said it want to see in the Climate Change bill and especially if the 2050 target is set at 80% as many experts are saying it needs to be.