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Remembering George Orwell

Yesterday finally I came across the grave of the English writer George Orwell (real name Eric Blair) which is improbably located in the Oxfordshire village of Sutton Courtenay. It is now where one of our family lives and the route of an Easter holiday walk took us by the churchyard of the village’s ancient parish church.

I had read all of Orwell’s books with the possible exception of A Clergyman’s Daughter (which I don’t recall) by the time I was 25. I had a craze on Orwell whilst I was in the 6th form and read all the books the school library had by him. Animal Farm I’d been required to read as part of the English examination curriculum at school. One of his books I read last of all was Burmese Days, which I taught to students at Kiamuya Secondary School in Kenya in 1979 as part of its O-level equivalent Literature in English course.